Last night Barny was at the Cafe Life Awards in London. We were nominated for the Manwich, the Scotch Egg toastie and a pet project we had been working on: Sushi Afternoon Tea. Sushi is beautiful, classically presented and full of fish. The only difference to an afternoon tea is the volume of seafood.

In the end, sushi afternoon tea had to settle for a runner up, while the Manwich took platinum in the toasted sandwich category. That toastie has a whole history unto itself though, and is a different story. I’m just as proud that we made it through to the finals in a category that is not actually our speciality. So here is Gold Award Winning Afternoon Tea Sushi, in pictures, because it makes for sexy food porn reading.

Sushi Afternoon Tea by The Jabberwocky

Blackberry Gukan

Blackberry Gukan: Blackberries over whipped cream on a green tea jelly wrapped in green apple fruit leather.


California Egg Roll

California Egg Roll: Egg mayo on cress heads rolled in pressed white bread.


Smoked Salmon Nigiri

Smoked Salmon Nigiri: Smoked salmon over piped cream cheese on a cuboid of bread tied with a chive.

tuna cucumber maki

Tuna Cucumber Maki: Fresh cucumber shell stuffed with bread and seasoned tuna mayo.

Tropical Fruit Tart Temaki

Tropical Fruit Tart Temaki: Chocolate tuile cones filled with crème patisserie, kiwi, pineapple and mango.


Victoria Sponge Anakyu: Victoria sponge round wrapped in strawberry leather, filled with cream and jam, topped with mint.


Afternoon tea sushi

Oooh. Sexy. Who knew we could do refined?


Sushi Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Sushi on a rather lovely stand. Yeah we did.


Afternoon Tea Sushi Cake Stand

One more sushi shot. Last one. Gratuitous of course. But we had fun.

Not quite our usual level of refined, cheese based class, but it makes a change. Could we ever realistically offer this as a wedding option? Only with a team of 30 dedicated chefs working behind the scenes. But we ate really well that lunch time. Tiny portions, but you eat enough of them and they really fill you up.

In other news, we will attempt to end radio silence on the blog soon, but tiny Jabberwocky offspring is still pretty tiny, and not yet able to hold tongs or contribute anything beyond gurgles and smiles.

On balance, this is actually plenty.

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