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The Jabberwocky Leamington Spa

Welcome to the Jabberwocky Leamington Spa, home of award winning toasties and cheesy movie quotes. Our food vans chug all around Warwickshire: visiting your festival, attending your street food event or catering your wedding. We’re not just about cheese, no matter what everyone keeps shouting, so check out all our other talents below and see what we can do for you.

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Hire the Jabberwocky for your next event! We cater for corporate gigs, private events and parties; both paid for in advance and on the day.
Tuna Melt Toastie

Gourmet Toasties

We serve the epic, award winning and seriously cheesy gourmet toastie. Explore the world of toasties or come and find us on location.
the jabberwocky leamington spa

Street Food Events

We begin in Leamington Spa and travel across Warwickshire and the West Midlands for street food events small and large.

About Us

We’re passionate about cheese, we have been nominated for and won a bunch of awards, been on TV and written a book.

The Jabberwocky Soliloquy

Our guide to everything Street Food


Toasted Sandwich Masterclass

Making the Perfect Toastie You know those posts that waffle for 8 paragraphs before actually telling you what it says in the title? Not today. We have made 50,000+ toasties, so let's up your toastie game right here, right now with a toasted sandwich masterclass that...

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Talking About Street Food

I do that a lot. It's time to accept that 2018 is almost over, and that pretty soon it's going to be two darn Christmassy to do anything round here but drink mulled wine and try to stop the kiddies pulling the Christmas tree over. But exciting developments have taken...

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Make Long Term Money out of Street Food

This summer has been a mixed bag, with boiling temperatures in July and then unwanted rain just as you think you're getting the hang of the weather (looking at you, August Bank Holiday). But it still paid the bills, and has been for 8 years now. So here we are, aged...

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Plastic Free Street Food

I will admit it up front, plastic free street food is still a little way off at the moment. While a superficially plastic free service is already possible, I don't believe we can totally do away with the over-used molecule chain just yet. Up until recently no one...

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What some of our customers have said…

Had a manwich. Epic meatiness. With cheese *sigh* Faye Mrspoxon Wilcox-Jones

via Facebook

Referring to the Candy Manwich – “insane – very very intense”. Simon Rimmer

TV Chef, Sunday Brunch

That’s my fix done for the week. Amazing as ever. May need a lie down now though Mark Tredgold

via Twitter

These fantastic toasties are my staple food, so morish, so tasty! Every time I see that little green van my mouth waters! 🙂 Gail Crawford

via Facebook

Thank you for one of the most delicious cheese toasties … ever! Hannah Marples

via Facebook

Must find reason to visit Leamington ASAP. My tiny mind can’t even imagine that level of deliciousness. Stanley Walton

via Twitter

Speaking about the Lamb Toastie: “That’s delicious! Really, really nice.” Angellica Bell

TV Presenter, Weekend Kitchen

Shut up and take my money! Paul Hisgett

Toastie Connoisseur , Via Twitter

The second toastie was as yummy as the first! Jo C.

Twitter Inhabitant