This September I dedicated a post to the signature toastie. That quest is still ongoing, and wasn’t really getting anywhere. Our development process is too slow, so while winter ravages the Beast and we work on getting the Bedford road-worthy, we are going to make the most of January by attempting a month of toasties.
what a month of toasties will probably look like in the first week.
A different toastie every day of January, with an accompanying blog post about each one. At the moment I have a list of 20 vague ideas for sandwiches, collected from people we have encountered along the way and combinations that might taste delicious when positioned between two slices of bread. I have no idea if these will work, and although some of them are existing combinations that need tinkering, or known flavours that are getting toasted for the first time, I really don’t know if they are going to be nice. I you din’t try you just won’t ever know.

For prosperities sake I will need to be pseudo-scientific about this and at least try and judge each one on its own merit, so here are the ground rules:

  1. One toastie per day, one entire month of toasties. Various incarnations of the same toastie are permitted, but must be eaten in the same sitting.
  2. Each toastie to be rated on fixed criteria, rather than just how I feel that day; Taste, appeal, suitability as a signature, difficulty rating.
  3. It’s January, and I may well be asleep more than average and skip a day or two. This is still science.

That should cover every eventuality. Here is a list of the ideas I’ve had so far, please feel free to chuck in your own suggestions. I can’t promise I will manage to get through them all, and I will have to give priority to the ones that are most likely to score well. But that should still leave plenty of room for experimentation.

The Month of Toasties

  1. Anchovy Toastie
  2. Prawn Toastie
  3. Cornish Yarg Toastie
  4. Fig Toastie
  5. Pepperoni Toastie
  6. Garlic Mushroom Toastie
  7. Halloumi Toastie
  8. Cheesecake Toastie
  9. Mediterranean Club Toastie
  10. Avocado Toasties
  11. Cockle Toasties
  12. Ploughmans Toastie
  13. Cuban Toasties
  14. Peanut Butter and Jam Toastie
  15. Beetroot Relish Toastie
  16. Bolognese toastie
  17. Lobster Toasties
  18. Mac and Cheese Toasties
  19. Sardine Toasties
  20. Curry Toasties
  21. Day off
  22. Scallop Toasties
  23. Filthy Snack Toasties
  24. Scotch Egg Toastie
  25. The Full Monty Breakfast Toastie
  26. Dauphinoise Toasties
  27. Quesadilla Toasties
  28. Stilton Toasties
  29. Creme Brulee Toasties
  30. Duck (Manchego) Toasties
  31. The Triple Decker Surf and Turf Toastie

This post will eventually become the index, so I’ll link each back to here as it comes in, and if there is a combination that appeals you can find it without having to search the whole month.