The miraculous news is still settling in. I assume that at some point in the next few days I will unexpectedly begin leaping around and singing. Behold, the Beast, now certifiably road legal!

I think that much of my excitement has already been expended on the delight of getting it to start at all. Now that the Beast lives not just in our minds but in the hearts of the DVLA as well, I find myself less joyous than when it was first spewing diesel fumes all over our lawn a week ago.

I think the reason is the pressing matter of The Next Step. We have spent so long trying to accomplish something as basic as making it legal that I had begun to convice myself that all we needed was a tax disk and an MOT in order to serve tasty treats to all and sundry. I had somewhat lost track of what still needs doing before we are ready to face an obviously eager public. Perhaps the sheer number out outstanding items, piled higgledy piggledy at the back of my mind for weeks, has scared all the joy out of this sucess. It might concievably also have somemthing to do with my 6:30 start this morning, but for narrative’s sake we will assume a more meaningful justification.

So here is the plan, subject to change based on discussion with the managing directors, and portrayed using the medium of multi-coloured, rhyming verbs, thus creating the semblance of organisation and harmony.

Sand, paint, brand,
Refit, refurbish, expand
Collect, collate, change
assess, aquire, rearrange
research, contact, convince
chop, fry, mince
Serve, delight, Win.

And yes, some of those may have been gratuitously added for syntax purposes. We’ll get over it. Let’s Expand our horizons.