It is really quite hard to cut .175 off a penny

As we are now embarking on a new type of food…the mighty toastie. I am going to take this opportunity to redirect my efforts on twitter and progress in 2 new directions. To explain these I am posting my first and I expect last, blog post.


Firstly; on a regular basis I will be posting the top 100 toastie types for all and sundry to; imagine, try and one day possibly buy from our large green van. #100toasties


The second; is I am going to offer some kitchen tips. This is not because I know it all and like showing off (I do, but that is beside the point), but I have been informed that some of the nuggets of information lodged in my brain might be of interest to other people. As a result, I am, from time to time going to share them with the world. Your never know if Flic keeps nagging at me I may even do some videos for YouTube


Please let me know what you think of the new tweets and no I don’t want to know about any of the spelling/grammatical errors I have made here, as I’m sure they will pointed out to me within 120 seconds of me posting this.


That is all I have to say…it may be a short blog post but it would be one hell of a long tweet…

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