Jabberwocky Street Food

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The Jabberwocky

Food: Gourmet Toasties
Unit: 1986 VW LT 31
Trading Since: 2011
Length: 5.5m
Width: 2m (2.5 with the hatch open)
Height: 2.75m
Festival Pitch: 6m frontage x 6m depth (excluding sleeping quarters)
Power Requirements: 1x 16amp standard C-form hookup
Waste Oil Requirements: None

Toasties Per Hour

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Cafe life Award 2015 Best toasted sandwich

Jabberwocky Festival Food Facts

  • Ever met anyone who doesn’t like toasties? Exactly. We take that one step further and make toasties that are just awesome.
  • We’ve been trading since 2011. We can now just about claim to know what we’re doing.
  • We pride ourselves on our “turning up on the day record”. If you have booked us, it will take nothing short of the engine dropping out of the van for us to cancel. Even that quite literally hasn’t stopped us in the past.
  • Sticking with the toastie theme, we’re a great option for kids, veggies and gluten free diners.
  • We trade locally, so you’re supporting a local business, local producers, attracting local customers – many good things.
  • We have a cool van. It’s called the Beast.
  • Our toasties have won us awards and we are the NOEA Caterer of the Year 2015.
  • All our packaging is biodegradable.
  • Toasties leave the hatch at an average rate of 120/hour, making us one of the fastest street food (under 6m) setups around.

Food Hygiene Rating

We have a 5 star rating from Warwick District Council.

gas safety test

Gas Safety Checked

All our equipment is Gas Safety checked annually.

Public Liability Insured

We are fully insured.

PAT Certified

All our electrical equipment is PAT certified and safe for use.

Street Food Information

We’re passionate about street food, and put a lot of effort into making ours some of the best, as well as helping others do the same. Our blog covers all kinds of topics from lighting to portion numbers, to (hopefully) help others and make it a better experience for everyone.

What We Learnt in 2017

Happy new year everyone. Once again you, our magnificent customers and benefactors have generously seen us through the year by eating toasties, having us at weddings and buying the book. We are tremendously grateful. We are currently having our annual down time, where...