Gourmet Street Food Toasties

Welcome to the Jabberwocky Leamington Spa. We are a proudly independent micro-business serving toasties since 2010. We source locally, package ethically and put back into the community wherever we can. Our food vans thunder all around Warwickshire and the Midlands: visiting your festival, attending your street food event or catering your wedding. We’re not just about cheese toasties, no matter home many awards we have for them, so check out all our other food types below and see what we can do for you.

Betty the Flame Red Food Truck

Our food vans are something a little out of the ordinary, just like our food. We don’t just want to cater your event, we would like to nail it. Our honest-to-God goal is to serve amazing food like we mean it, because that’s what we enjoy doing.

Award Winning

Who doesn’t love a bit of recognition? We’ve got that covered. Ask us about serving award-winning food at your event for the ones that have been spanked with trophies!

Converting a Second Food Van

The Beast, our faithful old VW food van, has finally moved on to a new home. It was an emotional day (for Barny) and one filled with the prospect of finally having enough space on the drive for the vehicles we actually own. Much as the Beast has been very much part of...

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How Much Should I Charge?

Or: How Much Should Street Food Cost? A tale of two sides. On the one hand, you are the punter. You have visited a cash machine especially for the occasion (thank you, card payments slow everything down) and you are meandering through super-trendy-street-food-event...

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Street Food Van for Sale

As mentioned in the previous post, we are selling the Beast. Let me give you the sales pitch right off the mark, we'll ask questions and deal with the soppy sentimental stuff later. Update: Sold to a loving new home. Call: 07581 243548 Write: mail@thejabberwocky.co.uk...

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Ambulance Conversion

Or: Bye Bye Beast Anyone with a beady eye on our social media may have noticed that we recently acquired a new van, and that our latest off-season project is making another food truck. This time, specifically, an ambulance conversion. At a mere 14 years old our latest...

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Tel: 07581 243548

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All done emailing? Nice. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but in the mean time you could while away the hours with this post about booking wedding food, or perhaps an enlightening sermon on the difference between grilled cheese, paninis and toasties.

What some of our customers have said…

Had a manwich. Epic meatiness. With cheese *sigh*
Faye Mrspoxon Wilcox-Jones

via Facebook

Referring to the Candy Manwich – “insane – very very intense”.
Simon Rimmer

TV Chef, Sunday Brunch

That’s my fix done for the week. Amazing as ever. May need a lie down now though
Mark Tredgold

via Twitter

Thank you for one of the most delicious cheese toasties … ever!
Hannah Marples

via Facebook

Must find reason to visit Leamington ASAP. My tiny mind can’t even imagine that level of deliciousness.
Stanley Walton

via Twitter

Speaking about the Lamb Toastie: “That’s delicious! Really, really nice.”
Angellica Bell

TV Presenter, Weekend Kitchen

Shut up and take my money!
Paul Hisgett

Toastie Connoisseur , Via Twitter

The second toastie was as yummy as the first!
Jo C.

Twitter Inhabitant