A marquee laid up for afternoon tea, some freshly backed cheese scones, fruit tarts, a host of tea pots and many, many cake stands.I don’t know why people don’t still do gilt edges on things. It was such a wonderful way of adding classiness without getting all Argos about it. These days with vintage crockery on the rise perhaps it will be given a new lease of life, in which case I think it should be applied to things that are already innately classy, but could perhaps be made yet classier. Wellies for example. Or crumpets. Or novelty key rings that are also bottle openers. Or Stephen Fry.

The phenomenon of gilt edging appears to have lived and died on crockery, only to be taken entirely out of context and used in excess, most infamously with the addition of rhinestones around the necks, wrists and gear sticks of celebrities. Luckily it’s not slunk back to deface the humble teacup too much, and I can continue lusting after crockery safe in the knowledge that each piece makes me, and therefore by extension this blog, the Jabberwocky, the Beast, our road and most of South Leamington, more classy.

The purpose for all this fine bone china is to make afternoon tea, as served in our capacity as caterers of distinction, better value, nicer and simpler for any prospective customers. Clearly if you are getting your cucumber sandwiches from us it will be simpler to also get the platter from whence to serve them from us also, along with a few tea pots, cups & saucers and a collection of delicate teaspoons. It also provides an absolutely priceless opportunity to discuss floral patterns with Barny, which requires him to make choices about rose and lilac detailing that you can see must be almost painful.

So far we have salvaged four pieces of Royal Dalton and a few bits of Windsor, but only one that even remotely resembles a flowery pattern, which is mildly disappointing. Unless you count the cake stand, of course, which is magnificently floral from every angle.

We will shortly, as a consequence of my new found love of hoarding crockery and Barny’s genuine desire to make fiddly but delicious biscuits and entirely unnecessary but wonderfully moreish sandwiches, soon be offering afternoon tea, served in a location of your choice on authentic vintage crockery with enough tea to float a boat and a whole menu of indulgent afternoon offerings. If you would be so kind as to remember us to any friends who might like such a service then we would be thoroughly grateful.

In the mean time I am going to have to take a moment to answer a few crockery based enquiries that have come up in the last few days.

A selection of bathroom toiletries, arranged on a cakestand.

To @clarissawidya (via twitter), you were right, toiletries do look #BetterOnACakeStand.

Chef whites with the Jabberwocky logo embroidered on, two rolled up miss-matched socks and a bandana folded like a napkin

This one is for Matt, who issued a challenge, no less, regarding chef whites. Better on a cake stand?

A collection of beers and spirits on a cake stand.

A request over a game of pool that never quite was. I give you beer and other beverages on a cake stand.

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