Yesterday we had a bit of a revelation on the filthy snack food front. What should have been an inappropriate mess of scotch egg toastie turned out to be really quite interesting. Sufficiently interesting that we decided to have another go at it today, rather than waiting for a few days and coming back to it, which would have arguably made a better narrative.

This time we’re going all out though, and doing it properly. To make the sausage patty peel a sausage, squash the meat into a square about the size of your bread and fry off in a hot pan for 2 minutes on each side.

sausage patty frying

Mustard Scotch Egg Toastie

  • One boiled free range egg (8 minutes)
  • Fowler’s Mature Warwickshire cheese
  • A scrape of English mustard
  • Pork sausages made by our local butcher

Gouda Scotch Egg Toastie

  • One boiled free range egg (8 minutes)
  • Dutch Gouda
  • Pork sausages made by our local butcher

scotch egg toastie construction

I do not really do mustard, but this was unbelievable. Cheese, sausage and egg is terrific. The only way I can conceivably think of improving this one is with a bit of mashing the egg, to spread the yolk around more. We are lucky with our sausages, but I want to eat this over and over again. 9.5/10

Without the mustard, to my surprise, the toastie was not quite as good. It was only a tiny scrape, not enough to really pick out as a flavour, but it needs to be in there. The gouda was great, it’s a lovely melting cheese, but it wasn’t quite right for the job. Cheddar all the way. 8/10

scotch egg toasties

I loved it. We could sell this one at breakfast and lunch easily, and it’s filling enough to set you up for the day. The mustard will scare off a few people, but it’s worth the risk. 7/10

Suitability as a signature
I appear to be sold on this one. It’s a fairly simple combination, but not one you could easily rustle up at home without several cooking events. Google has never heard of it. We need to try this in the wild. 9/10

Difficulty rating
Boiling and egg and converting a sausage to a burger are both not complex tasks, but are a little harder than just stacking ingredients. Rated Medium.

Yes. Make this at home, or come find us and we will make it for you. Either way, you have to try this.