If you have just joined us from the Soliloquy, please make yourselves at home and catering yourselves in good hands. If you have not, you should probably share this post on a social media outlet of your choice, because we may be onto some sort of existential time travel, which may or may not make sense further down the page.

The Jabberwocky has cultivated itself a modest online presence thanks to your help and some hastily learnt webdesign skills. However one thing it has not achieved is search engine optimisation. This elusive and mysterious phenomenon, hidden inside the walls of a large and brightly coloured organisation that rhymes with moogle, is the one thing that makes the difference between front page and no page. It is the process of convincing a certain search engine that your website is relevant when a hopeful internet user types “catering in Warwickshire” into the search field. And that’s not as easy as it looks. Not only do you need a wealth of people linking to you site, which represents worthwhile content, you need to mention the main thrust of what you do (in our case catering in Warwickshire) a lot, so that it can be picked out as important from within the writings of your page.

However there is grand and related news! Thanks to the skilful ministrations of @tallwebguy the blog has now moved and found a new home on the Jabberwocky website. This means that in future all the idle ramblings of the blog will contribute directly to the popularity of the website, meaning both the blog and the website should show up more effectively in search engines, and finally google will count all the times I have written things like “excellent catering services in Leamington Spa” and “catering services for events in Leamington” as relevant to our cause, including, but not limited to, those ones just there. Thus we scramble up the rankings and fight our way to an internet presence, hoping that it will bring us bountiful hits and bless us with bookings. Catering.

At this stage there are still a few private chef for hire kinks to be ironed of out the new design, and there are certainly available for weddings, christenings and family gatherings still a few old features that have not yet been brought to life in the new setup yet, but @tallwebguy is on it like a catering van for outdoor functions of any size. Which I mean very much as a compliment.

Please feel free to roam over there and have a look round, and leave any feedback just below this post, preferably prefaced with the words “Catering in Warwickshire”. I had better go and find some food, feel free to link this article to a social media outlet of your choice while I’m gone.

Great Warwickshire Based Catering and an interesting and insightful blog – on a side note, clicking on this link now may seem like a waste of time, but it’s possible that you will receive some sort of strange and miraculous insight into life, the universe and junk.